Method of operation:

As home textile, surface and fashion designers we are always trying to chase the state of the art trends and markets. The aim is to trigger impulses and to develop guiding concepts for you. Our workflow is adapted to your needs and requirements.


Together, we set up the step stones of the design process. Detailed briefings and a structured timeline are the key to a successful implementation.

Concept and Design process:



Regular visits to different international fairs, storechecks and intensive market research build the base of my products and concepts.



Trend themes and color cards are developed.

Seasonal Must-Haves are defined.




Concepts are developed and elaborated based on individual and strategic client briefings.


Moodboards, collections, surface designs, private brand concepts etc. are developed with consideration of relevant trend themes. The priority is to show a commercial and trend-setting message.



Already in the early design phase the visualisation of prototypes shows the significance and integrity of the new product. 


Tech Packs:


Technical Sketches, Tech Packs and production comments for the sample process facilitate the communication with your business partners.

Your Benefit:

Prompt and flexible reaction on new market requirements.

The buying and supply markets are changing increasingly. Climbing online and multi-chanel sales as well as the involved web comparability are demanding more and more specific and excellently constructed products.

New and additional product ranges, enhance the attractiveness for your customers. The expansion in new product groups could enable you also to realize a higher margin. To develop these it needs profund industry and design expertise.


It is our aim to give you outer impulse and show you possibilities to implement custom-made concepts - temporally flexible - without a fixed-term employment contract.

Our offer for you:

We offer custom-made concepts and solutions for product management and design.

  • project-oriented concept development
  • targeted product development - based on your specific guidelines
  • collections for fashion and home textiles


Due to over 20 years of professional experience, we do know which requirements buying teams and manufacturers have. We can put ourself in both sides. Demands in economic topics as well as in the creative field are both met.